About Riverwood Athletic Association

It’s Great to be a Riverwood Raider!

Riverwood is proud of its tradition of athletic excellence. More than 50% of the student body participates in one of the 23 athletic programs. Over the years, the Raiders have captured many state championships and state runner-up titles.

The Athletic Association (RAA) is the school’s only athletic booster club and provides support for all sports programs. The RAA’s primary purpose is to raise money for athletic programs and it is the financial backbone for all athletic programs at Riverwood. The school receives minimal funding for athletics from the Fulton County Board of Education. Having a single organization allows the booster club to function as one entity, and ensures consistency and continuity to all sports programs. 

Over the years, the RAA has purchased new equipment for the stadium PA system, new goals for the lacrosse and soccer fields, mats for the cheerleading squads, new windscreens for the tennis courts and baseball field, and hurdles for the track team. It is the goal of the RAA to raise the incremental funds to provide funding for other needed facility improvements such as a Hydrocollator Mobil Heating Unit, an Automated External Defibrillator, and an Intelect Transport Combo for the Training Room. Also on the wish list for the campus is a new scoreboard for Hoskyn Stadium with digital screen technology. An updated scoreboard will provide more room to acknowledge corporate sponsors.  

General membership is open to everyone including parents, guardians, alumni, faculty and friends of Riverwood. The Athletic Association Committee governs the business and affairs of the organization. A Parent Representative from each sport serves on the Athletic Association Committee to ensure that each sport’s needs are being addressed.

A special thanks to all of RAA members for helping to provide a strong athletic program that allows students to grow, face challenges, and succeed.

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Riverwood Athletic Association 2017-18

Donations as of 2/11/18

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 The Bryant Family     
 The Clendenin Family  The McQuary Family  The Shaughnessy Family
 The Langlais Family  The Mezzio Family  Dan Staley
 The Lewis Family  John & Floy Mills  The Weinstein Family
 Jim & LeAnn McLendon  Teri & Derek Regier  
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 The Allen Family  The Grosswold Family  The Peljovich Family
 The Barja Family  The Gruenig Family  The Rader Family
 The Beckley Family  The Herndon Family  Kylie & Ben Rincon
 The Bernath Family  Jerry Jones & Rhondalyn Patterson  The Ross Family
 The Burke Family  Mark & Karen Kaplan  Pam & Joe Sewell
 The Cibik Family  Adam & Melinda Katz  Carol & Dave Shutley
 Michael & Andrea Coleman  Mandy & John Kelley  The Sprung Family
 Robert & Lee Daniel  Alyssa & Richard Kopelman  The Stoddard Family
 Anonymous  Michelle & Johnathan Lerner  Randall & Gail Tolbert
 The Engelhard Family  The Logan Family  The Tovin Family
 Amy & Chuck Fox  Paul & Kristen Marotte  The Wang Family
 The Frederick Family  The Mehre Family  The Williams Family
 Sammy & Tracey Grant  The Miller Family  The Woodman Family
 Wendy & Paul Greenberg  The Nichols Family  Mary & Tom Young
   The Pargman Family  
Silver Level    
 The Abrams Family  Alyssa & Mitchell Kosek  The Shir Family
 Patricia & Tom Andrews  The Kruglewicz Family  Debra & Marc Sydnor
 The Bauguss Family  The Lauk Family  Kevin & Michelle Stine
 The Bell Family  The Lindler Family  Narvaez & Shekiah Stinson
 Ilene & Dan Berman  The McCleskey Family  The Stoumen Family
 The Cohn Family  The Miller Family  Lynn & Shea Sullivan
 Chip & Gigi Collins  Eric & Nancy Miller  The Swanson Family
 The Duncan Family  The Moyer Family  The Thielen's
 The Esslinger Family  The Muse Family  The Thomson Family
 Sam & Vanessa Fleming  Cheryl & Jim Niekamp  The Ungashick Family
 Susan & Brian Fleming  The Nohstadt Family  The Virgin Family
 Kimberly & Marc Glenn  The Olson Family  The White Family
 The Grigg Family  The Panethere Family  The Yagoda Family
 The Hope Family  Shannon & Byron Price  The Young Family
 The Jackson Clan  The Puhrmann Family  Nicole & Jeff Zitron
 Greg & Robin Jacobs  The Robinson Family  Anonymous
 The James Family  Lily & Gray Schneider  
 Beverly Knight    
Bronze Level    
 The Acevedo Family  The Holmes Family  
 The Androsch Familty  The Hoppenfeld Family  The Rathore Family
 Amy Arno  The Hunt Family  Alison & David Raymon
 Emilla Walker-Ashby  Jenkins Family  Narayana S. Rekapalli
 Anonymous  Tracey & Ed Johnson  The Rozenboom Family
 The Berke Family  Ronald & Sylvia Jones  The Seabrook Family
 Anonymous  Julia & Grace Jones  Laura & David Shainker
 The Blair Family  The David Kelley Family  The Shepard Family
 The Campa Family  The Kennett Family  Ms. Pamela Simmons
 Meg Cannell  The Kikawa Family  The Simon Family
 The Capes Family  The Lea Family  Eashan Sinha
 The Catrini Family  Rebecca & Bill Leffler  The Skollar Family
 Shannon & Ken Clayman  Jonathan Leepson & Janet Lefkowitz  Tom & Katherine Smith
 Terri & Brian Coffsky  The Levitan Family  The Stewart Family
 The Cooper Family  Anonymous  The Strong Family
 Chris & Jodi Courts  The Linowes Family  Sofie Ellen Stroeva
 The Daniel Family  Jaylyn McKie  The Sutton Family
 The Deak Family  The Maddaleni Family  Lan Tran Ta
 Devlin Family  Sam Martin  The Walker Family
 The Eckhardt Family  The Mason Family  The West Family
 Edmondson Family  Susan & Elliot Miller  YES! Printing
 The Edwards Family  The Myrick Family  
 The Fitzgerald Family  The Nagley Family  
 The Fitzgibbons Family  The Olson Family  
 The Fladell Family  Jody & Jim Ozaki  
 The Flanagan Family  The Payne Family  
 The Fluker Family  Keiva Phillips  
 Connor Flynn  Matt & Roxanne Ponds  
 The Gardner Family  Steve & Angie Ponsell  
 The Goines Family  The Prentice Family  
 The Henderson Family  The Radney Family  
 The Hill Family