Board & Committee Members 2017-18

Riverwood Athletic Association

Name   Title   2017-18 Meeting Schedule
Mike McQuary *   President            

Katie Arney*
Vice President   August 3, 2017
Jodi Jackson*
Secretary   Room 104, 5pm
Chris Larsen*
Membership Co-Chair
Veronica Shaughnessy Membership Co-Chair   October 16, 2017
Kay Palmer   Treasurer  

Room 104, 7pm

Lynne Miller Webmaster    
Whitney Lea
Campus Store   January 8, 2018
Coaches' Recognition
  Room 104, 7pm
Richard Kopelman* Community Liaison
OPEN Athletic Hall of Fame
  March 19, 2018
Karen Jenkins*
Parent Rep Coordinator   Room 104, 7pm
OPEN Battle of Raider Drive Picnic
OPEN Concession Coordinator   May 7, 2018
      Room 104, 7pm
Fall Sports      
OPEN Fall Concessions  
Tricia Andrews & Stephanie Ungashick
Boys Cross Country Parent Reps    
Carol Shutley & Jodi Jackson
Girls Cross Country Parent Reps    
Greg Jacobs*
Football Parent Rep    
Whitney Lea
Football Cheerleading Parent Rep    
Jennifer Birkel & Colette Steel
Softball Parent Reps    
Nicole Zitron 
Volleyball Parent Rep    
Winter Sports      
OPEN Winter Concessions    
Karen Kaplan
Boys Basketball Parent Rep    
Monica Bradshaw
Girls Basketball Parent Rep    
Faye Frierson
Basketball Cheerleading Parent Rep    
Karen Jenkins & Ilsa Jackson
Swimming & Diving Parent Reps  
Tracy Gruenig
Wrestling Parent Rep    

Spring Sports      
OPEN Spring Concessions    
Allan Peljovich
Baseball Parent Rep    
Nick Clendenin
Boys Golf Parent Rep    
Nancy Thielen
Girls Golf Parent Rep    
Katie Arney Boys Lacrosse Parent Rep    
Jennifer Birkel & Colette Steel
Girls Lacrosse Parent Reps    
Marc Sydnor
Boys Soccer Parent Rep    
Wendy Greenberg
Girls Soccer Parent Reps    
Laura Shainker
Boys Tennis Parent Rep    
Elizabeth Goines
Girls Tennis Parent Rep    
Felicia & Mark Lewis
Boys Track & Field Parent Rep    
Felicia & Mark Lewis
Girls Track & Field Parent Rep    
* Denotes Board Member