Riverwood Athletic Hall of Fame

Riverwood Athletic Hall of Fame

2017 Riverwood Athletic Hall of Fame Induction
Friday, October 13, 2017

Tournament Gym Hall of Fame, 6pm

Hoskyn Stadium, 7pm
Prior to Homecoming Football Game at 7:30pm

2017 Inductees:
     Bryan Flint, Class of 1987
     Lyndsey McKeone, Class of 2011
     Charlie Seamans, Class of 2002

The Riverwood Athletic Hall of Fame, established in 2012, honors those men and women who made outstanding contributions to Riverwood Athletics. The Hall of Fame is in the entrance hallway of the Tournament Gymnasium.

The purpose of the Hall of Fame is:

  • to recognize and honor past students, coaches, and contributors who have brought distinction, honor, and excellence to Riverwood's athletics program
  • to maintain connections between alumni and the Riverwood community
  • to establish school pride in athletics through recognizing past contributors to the program.

Athletes, coaches, and contributors who have made outstanding contributions to athletics at Riverwood since the school's inception in 1971 are eligible for nomination. Athletes are eligible for nomination five years after graduating.

The idea of a Riverwood Athletic Hall of Fame was conceived by several coaches and teachers in coordination with the Athletic Association. In 2012, former Athletic Director and Head Baseball Coach Mike Santoro organized a Hall of Fame Committee made up of current and former coaches and administrators. Donald Macoy, former Head Girls Soccer Coach and teacher, undertook the momentous task of researching archived information in order to substantiate the merits of potential inductees. The inaugural Hall of Fame class induction took place during Homecoming 2013.


Nomination Procedure
How to nominate:  Make nominations directly to the Athletic Director, Mike Mezzio. Mail completed nomination forms with any supporting documentation to the school (5900 Raider Drive, Sandy Springs, 30328), or send via email (Mezzio@fultonschools.org). The deadline is July 31st.

Eligibility for nomination:
   *Athlete:  Athletes are eligible for nomination five years after graduating from Riverwood
   *Coach:  Any active, inactive, or retired Coach
   *Contributor:  Any active, inactive, or retired Contributor (Donor/Volunteer)

Who may make nominations:  Raider alumni, Raider faculty, current or retired Raider coaches, and current Riverwood students.

Hall of Fame Nomination Form   .pdf


Class of 2017 Inductees

Class of 2016 Inductees

Class of 2015 Inductees

Class of 2014 Inductees

Class of 2013 Inductees

 Athletes Contributor Coaches Athletes Athletes
 Bryan Flint (Class of 1987) Leonard Jones - First Principal when school opened in 1971    Rick McKeone  Bob Carter (Class of 1974)

 LaTisha Bryant Volleyball/Track & Field (Class of 2002)   

 Lyndsey McKeone (Class of 2011)      Mike Santoro  Mike Levy (Class of 1997)   Lindsay Brecher Soccer (Class of 1987)
 Charlie Seamans (Class of 2002) Athletes    Jay Lumpkin (Class of 1975)

 Nick Cassini Golf (Class of 1996)

  Bret McDaniel
(Class of 2010)
Cross Country, Swimming, Track

 Tara Myler (Class of 1979)
  Cross Country/Track & Field

 Jackie Hasty Gymnastics (Class of 1983)
  Harry Mehre III
(Class of 1984)
Football, Basketball, Track, Golf
   Barbara Bonapfel   Chuck Rose (Class of 1977)  Doug Henderson Wrestling (Class 1976)  
  Amaechi Morton
(Class of 2008)
   Karen Stowell (Class of 1978)  Laura Lee Huttenbach Cross Country/Soccer/Volleyball/Basketball (Class of 2001)   
       Tyler Thornburg (Class of 2007)  Jelani Jordan Football (Class of 2002)  
            Zach McKeone Wrestling/Cross Country/Track & Field (Class of 2006)  
      Coaches    Fallon Stokes Basketball/Track & Field (Class of 2000)  
        Dennis Goss  Chris Shuman Tennis (Class of 1978)    
        Isaac Seals  Shaun Traub Cross Country/Track & Field
         Eric Wunderlich Swimming (Class of 1986)   
          William Hoskyn
  Football Head Coach, Athletic Director
          Leigh Hudson
  Volleyball Head Coach,
  Basketball/Soccer/Football/Baseball Coach
          Karen Lynch
  Volleyball/Gymnastics Coach, Athletic Director