Director's Cup

The purpose of the Georgia Athletic Directors Association Cup is to recognize those athletic departments in all GHSA classifications who have excelled and shown superior performance. Since the 1999-2000 school year, the GADA has presented this award annually. Beginning with the 2002-2003 school year, the award has been presented to the top male program, top female program, and top overall program in each classification. Twenty-five GHSA sports will be counted in the standings each school year. Each school’s eight highest scoring sports for each gender shall be counted in the Directors Cup Standings. 
Riverwood History
2018-2019 AAAAA Overall 5th  Boys  6th Girls  6th
2017-2018 AAAAA Overall 10th  Boys  8th Girls  14th
2016-2017 AAAAA Overall 8th  Boys  5th Girls  12th
2015-2016 AAAAA Overall 22nd  Boys  21st Girls  25th
2014-2015 AAAAA Overall 20th  Boys  24th Girls  19th
2013-2014 AAAAA Overall 42nd  Boys  35th Girls  44th
2012-2013 AAAAA Overall 44th  Boys  51st Girls  42nd
2011-2012      AAA Overall 19th  Boys  28th Girls  13th
2010-2011      AAA Overall 17th  Boys  23rd Girls  15th