Riverwood Athlete Participation Forms, Fees, & Handbooks



Athletic Handbook and Documents

 Fulton County Schools Student/Parent Athletic Handbook

Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation Form

ESPANOL Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation Form


 Fulton County Schools Student Accident Insurance


Sports Participation Fees & Team Operating Budget Fees

The school collects the Sports Participation Fees and Team Operating Budget Fees.

Make checks payable to "Riverwood International Charter School" or use the Fulton County Schools Online School Payments portal  to pay with a debit or credit card.

NOTE:  Each student-athlete pays the $100 Participation Fee ONCE for the entire year (even if playing more than one sport) plus each individual sport fee to cover the team operating budget.

2018-19 Sports Participation & Team Operating Budget Fees .pdf


Riverwood Athletic Association (RAA)

The RAA is the umbrella organization for every team sport. The all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization's mission is to sustain and promote the ongoing participation of Riverwood High School youth in quality athletics. Those wishing to make a donation to a specific sport must first join the RAA.

learn more about RAA membership

Arbiter Athlete Information

Arbiter Athlete Account Setup Guide

Arbiter Help:   schoolsupport@planeths.com

Arbiter Athlete* is the school's online program which contains and manages every form required of all student athletes.

All student athletes must have up to date physicals, insurance, and other forms loaded to Arbiter Athlete before participating in practices, conditioning, workouts, tryouts, or games. 

Each student athlete and their parent(s) must log in and create an Arbiter Athlete account.

The accounts are secure and are accessible only to authorized personnel: the Athletic Director, Athletic Trainer, and Head Coaches.

Each student athlete must complete the following seven (7) forms online through their Arbiter Athlete account:

  • Participation in Athletics
    - requires student and parent/guardian signature
  • Verification of Insurance Coverage
    - requires parent/guardian signature & policy number
  • Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation*
    - this physical form is the only acceptable form
    - the medical history must be completed and signed by student AND parent/guardian
    - the physician must sign, date and check clearance for physcial to be valid
    - physicals are valid for one year from the date of the exam

    *Instructions for medical facilities that cannot process electronic forms
    Download the five page Pre-Participating Physical Evaluation form (.pdf is in box above) and take the printed form to the physician/medical facility. The student athlete and parent/guardian must complete and sign all appropriate pages prior to the physical exam. Once the physician completes and signs the appropriate medical information (signature, date, and clearance checked), the form may be scanned into the student athlete Arbiter Athlete account.
  • Concussion Awareness Form
  • Bus Transportation Release
    - requires student and parent/guardian signature
  • Acknowledgment of Receipt of current Fulton County Schools/GHSA Handbook
    View and/or download the current handbook (.pdf is in the box on the right side of this page)
    - After reading the handbook, student and parent/guardian must complete the online receipt
  • Riverwood Emergency Contact Form



Arbiter Athlete Account Setup Guide (.pdf)

Arbiter Help:   schoolsupport@planeths.com

Have further questions? Please contact Athletic Director Mike Mezzio (Mezzio@fultonschools.org)

 *NOTE:  Arbiter Athlete replaces the PrivIT online program which was in effect from June 2015 through April 2018. Students with PrivIT accounts must create Arbiter accounts before being able to participate in tryouts and team activities.