NCAA Recruiting Information

Interested in playing college athletics?

The NCAA has information online to help student athletes and their families understand all of the NCAA requirements and options regarding college athletics.

Two good places to start are:


Free Recruiting Webinar for Students & Parents
As a member of the Georgia Athletic Directors Association, Riverwood's student athletes have access to a free recruiting webinar. The Athlete/Parent webinar lasts 60 minues and covers topics such as Scholarship Myths and Facts, the NCAA and NAIA Eligibility Centers, NCAA Core Course Requirements, National Letter of Intent, Finding the Right School, and much more.



NCAA announces changes to eligibility standards beginning in 2016. 

Below are excerpts from a September 2013 letter to High School Administrators from the NCAA:

Dear High School Administrator:               

Please help us reach your student-athletes with this information:

  • Did you know that the NCAA’s initial-eligibility academic standards are changing for student-athletes enrolling at an NCAA Division I university on or after August 1, 2016?
  • To assist in getting this message out, we have developed the Initial-Eligibility Resource Index, a new electronic tool that contains links to the NCAA Eligibility Center’s resources and presentations available free of charge. Please share these materials broadly with students, parents, coaches, etc.  
  • Additional high school-specific resources are available on the High School Portal Resources page. The NCAA Eligibility Center receives thousands of calls each year regarding hardcopy transcript receipt due to the two- to three-week processing time needed to mail, log, scan, and post transcripts to student accounts. You are strongly encouraged to submit transcripts through one of the approved e-transcript providers (Docufide/Parchment, Scrip Safe, ConnectEDU, National Transcript Center/Pearson Edustructure, USMO ET, and XAP) as these transcripts usually appear in student accounts within 48 hours.

Thank you for all you do to assist student-athletes in achieving their academic and athletic goals.