Positive High School Athlete Awards

Positive High School Athlete Awards

2016-17 Nominations Accepted through March 31, 2017

Positive Athlete Georgia is accepting nominations for the 2016-17 Positive High School Athlete Awards through March 31, 2017

Parents, coaches, and teachers are encouraged to nominate student-athletes whose presence and attitude positively impacts their team and school environment. A nominee does not have to be the most valuable player, and the nomination should not include statistics or athletic awards.
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Positive Athlete Georgia is looking for the most positive boys and girls high school athletes during the 2016-2017 school year in 26 different high school sports. Last year Positive Athlete Georgia received over 600 nominations from 65 Georgia high schools for student-athletes. A Positive Athlete has a great attitude, contributes to their school or community in unique and positive ways, or may have overcome difficult circumstances.

Nominees may win awards from their individual schools, their counties, and could be named the Most Positive High School Athlete in their sport at the annual State-wide Awards in June 2017. Hines Ward and other current and former professional athletes from the Braves, Hawks, Falcons, Dream, UGA, and Georgia Tech present the awards.

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2016-17 Raider Nominees
(as of March 5, 2017)

Fall Sports
Cheerleading: Christian Stinson
Boys Cross Country:
Girls Cross Country: Madison McQuary
Football: John Beckley
Softball: Rebecca Langfelder
Volleyball: Jordan Balkcom
Winter Sports
Boys Basketball: Jalen Wilson
Girls Basketball: Madison McQuary
Boys Swim/Dive:
Girls Swim/Dive:
Spring Sports
Baseball: John Beckley
Boys Golf:
Girls Golf:
Boys Lacrosse:
Girls Lacrosse:
Boys Soccer:
Girls Soccer: Kaitlyn Lauk, Madison McQuary
Boys Tennis:
Girls Tennis: Mia Hodges
Boys Track:
Girls Track: Madison McQuary


2015-16 Raider Nominees and Winners

Octavious Wright — Swim Dive* State of Georgia Positive Athlete of the Year
Gaurav Kunwar — Tennis* North Fulton Region Positive Athlete of the Year
(pictured right)

2015-16 Raider Nominees as of March, 2016 (alpha order by sport)
Andy Wilson, Baseball
Leonard "Buck" Jenkins, Boys Basketball Coach
Naama Erez, Girls Basketball
Jasmine Luck, Cheerleading
Reece Bernard, Boys Cross Country
Madison McQuary, Girls Cross Country
William White, Boys Golf
Kendall Laws, Girls Golf
Caroline Sweetin, Girls Lacrosse
Jackie Carson, Girls Soccer Coach
Solomon Lomax, Boys Soccer
Octavious Wright, Boys Swimming*
Glenna Williams, Girls Swimming
Gaurav Kunwar, Boys Tennis*
Nina Garibaldi, Girls Tennis
Taylor Wright, Volleyball
Alex Gruenig, Wrestling

*North Fulton Positive Athlete of the Year Winner

2014-15 Raider Nominees and Winners
Riverwood Won the 2014-15 Positive Athlete School of the Year Award

               2014-15 Raider Nominees as of March 25, 2015
               (alpha order by sport) 

Jalen Miller, Baseball

Keely Wallace, Basketball Cheerleading

Kohl Roberts, Boys Basketball
Leonard "Buck" Jenkins, Boys Basketball Coach

Arynn Eady, Girls Basketball

Bayne Jarvis, Boys Cross Country* Winner
Owen McDaniel, Boys Cross Country

Anna Hayden, Girls Cross Country
Maggie Duncan, Girls Cross Country

Jeff Hooks, Football

Kian Smith, Boys Golf

Jaycie Emery, Girls Golf
Rachel Carlson, Girls Golf

Bayne Jarvis, Boys Lacrosse

Georgina Greenslade, Girls Lacrosse

Heather Berryman, Girls Lacrosse Coach/Swimming & Diving Coach

Mario Aguero, Boys Soccer

Maggie Duncan, Girls Soccer

Bari Steel, Softball

Larson Hodge, Boys Swimming

Danielle Jenkins, Girls Swimming* Winner

Pascal Acree, Boys Tennis* Winner

Kiana Brooks, Girls Tennis

Anna Hayden, Girls Track
Elizabeth Graves, Girls Track
Lauren Rasmus, Girls Track

Emily Smith, Volleyball
Taylor Wright, Volleyball