Raiders Win Dramatically To Advance to 2nd Round of State Playoffs

Raiders Win Dramatically To Advance to 2nd Round of State Playoffs

Riverwood came from behind, scoring a touchtown with one second left in the game to beat Loganville 17-14.

For the second year in a row, Loganville squeaked into the high school football playoffs to face an undefeated opponent. But it turns out lightning won't strike twice in the same place.

Riverwood held a slim lead deep into the fourth quarter, but Loganville found new life after a 39-yard catch to strike deep into Riverwood territory. Nick Fager would carry the ball down to the 3, and two plays later Greene snatched an errant snap out of the air and ran it in for a touchdown.

Up by 4, Loganville had to stop the Riverwood for less than three minutes to secure the win, and for a moment, it looked possible as Riverwood staggered backward on penalties and tackles behind the line.

But on fourth-and-7, the Raiders gained 8 for a new set of downs. Two plays later, a 45-yard pass took them to the 9.

And then, with no timeouts and the clock running after a running play went for minimal gain, Riverwood struck gold, completing the winning touchdown pass with one second left in the game.

Loganville finished 3-8 on the season, and Riverwood will host Dutchtown on Friday, November 22nd. RAA Season Passes are not valid for admission for any playoff games.